The Sound of the Middle Ages

We give the phantastic sound of the small Portative Organ and the Positive Organ of the Gothic Period the place in the history of early music that they deserve.
With metal or wooden pipes.

We offer professional instruments from our workshop at a fair price. Enjoy browsing through our website.

Stefan & Annette Keppler

"Ondas do Mar"9th Int. Portative Organ Meeting October 18-20, 2019
New Portative Organ "Gracia"
New 15th c. Clavicytherium
Courses for beginners, advanced players, singers and Medieval Ensemble.
Corina Marti, Christophe Deslignes, Lucia Mense
19th "Etappe für Alte Musik"
March 2019, Burg Fuersteneck
"Rondeau" (C. Cooman: "Novas Cantigas", 2014)
by Catalina Vicens
On offer: Exhibition instrument "Giulia"
"Cantigas de Santa Maria" CSM 377 by Ernst Stolz On offer: Exhibition Clavicytherium