Wolkenstayn Portative Organ

Portative Organ Fascination

We give the phantastic sound of the small Medieval Portative Organ and the Gothic period Positive Organ the place in the history of Early Music that they deserve.
We offer professional instruments from our workshop at a fair price. Made in Bavaria/Germany.

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Stefan & Annette Keppler

To the Instruments Exhibition instruments
Istanpittarello for Organetto (C. Lapalme)
Fiona Kizzie Lee "Gracia" Portative Organ

New 15th c. Clavicytherium

New - coming next: Portative Organ "Cupra"
–Stay curious!–
"Cantigas de Santa Maria" CSM 377
Ernst Stolz"Faenza" Portative Organ
"Feasts. Mirth. Our Father"
10th Int. Portative Organ Meeting
October 15-17, 2021 Application open now!
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"Rondeau" (C. Cooman: "Novas Cantigas", 2014)
Catalina Vicens"Huelgas" Portative Organ