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"Ondas do Mar" – Sehnsucht
9th International Portative Organ Meeting
October 18-20, 2019 – St. Albert, Reimlingen (Germany)

Courses for beginners, advanced players, singers and Medieval Ensemble; masterclasses.
Corina Marti, Christophe Deslignes, Lucia Mense, Stefan Keppler

Artistic director: Catalina Vicens

Stay curious, festival information coming soon!

8th International Portative Organ Meeting
October 19 - 21, 2018 – St. Albert, Reimlingen (Germany)

info & application (pdf)

Poster (pdf)

"Le Roman de la Rose" – Dialogues of Love

Music of the Late Gothic and Early Renaissance period
in Italy and France

Catalina Vicens – Corina Marti – Stefan Keppler

Courses for beginners & advanced players,
Ensemble- and masterclasses for
Portative Organs,
other Early Music instruments and singers

„Pygmalion“, Roman de la Rose, Oxford, Bodleian Library, Ms. Douce 195_157A, 15th c.

With the success that our portative organ courses have had during the last 7 years, we were able to bring medieval and Renaissance music to a wide range of professional and amateur musicians, organists, keyboardists, other instrumentalists, singers and medieval music enthusiasts.

The 8th course is extending again to Organetto and Medieval Ensemble Courses and Master-classes. Our head teacher and international artist, Catalina Vicens (Chile/Switzerland) and Stefan Keppler from Wolkenstayn Portative Organs will be joining forces with Early Keyboard and recorder virtuoso Corina Marti (Basel). With our larger team we’ll be able to provide organetto and medieval ensemble courses for our ever-growing musical family!

Our 2018 theme:

„Le Roman de la Rose“ – Dialogues of Love

Music of the Late Gothic and Early Renaissance period

Courses and masterclasses for portative organ and mixed medieval and Renaissance ensemble.
On this year’s course we are going to focus on the love songs from 14th and 15th century Italy and France.
Love poetry was one of the ones with the longest tradition and during the late- middle ages and early Renaissance, it was inspiration for the greatest composers, Landini, Machaut, Binchois and Dufay being only few examples. Despite the organ symbolically represented the Church, the portative organ served as a bridge between sacred and secular love. Songs of longing, of hope and
amorous dialogues are going to serve us as a bridge to the courtly song of the past. We are going to explore with organetti, voices and other Early Music instruments the love dialogues of Codex Rossi, the timeless (sensual) melodies of Guillaume de Machaut, the love complaints of the Tuscan Circle around Francesco Landini, Paolo, Lorenzo Andreas da Firenze and Guilielmus de Francia in the 14th century, as well as the elegant love songs in the new style of the mid 15th century by composers such as Dufay and Binchois.

info & application (pdf)

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Individual lessons for Portative Organ

We are offering lessons on how to use the portative organ (organetto).  These lessons are for beginners, and/or individuals who already know how to play the portatif or those with piano basics that would like to learn how to play the organetto.  Instruments will be available in limited numbers. Course language: German/English

If you are interested in these or other advanced or masterclass courses, please contact us. 
We will notify you once all the details have been worked out.  Invitations will be mailed out.

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Lessons, Exhibitions & Concerts

Listed below is a small selection of interesting events about portative organs and traditional and ancient music. 

Please feel free to try out our instruments during the instrument exhibitions.

Date Event What is offered? Where? Info
January "Tage Alter Musik"
Vienna, Austria
Int. Music Instrument Exhibition Vienna
March "Etappe zur Fruehen Musik" Organetto-/Portative Organ Course Burg Fuersteneck, Germany info
May "Tage Alter Musik"
Int. Music Instrument Exhibition,
August/September Oude Muziek Festival Utrecht Int. Music Instrument Exhibition Utrecht,
The Netherlands
October 9th Int. Portative Organ Meeting, "St. Albert", Reimlingen Beginners, advanced players, ensemble & masterclass courses Reimlingen, Germany 2018 info
2019 info coming soon
November "Tage Alter Musik Herne" Int. Music Instrument Exhibition Herne, Germany
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