Organetto "Faenza"Modell "Organetto"

24 metal pipes f1- chromatic- e3
Dimensions: approx. 78 x 36 x 17 cm  Weight: approx. 6.5 kg

The compact design and light weight make this small portative very attractive - an amazingly powerful und beautiful sound at a good price without sacrificing the usual Wolkenstayn quality of the „fully grown“ instruments.

(picture shows body made of maple wood)

The decorated and engraved frame is made of beautiful, robust light maple wood; oiled.

Other kinds of wood upon request.

Metal pipes are made of a tin/lead alloy. Powerful, full sound rich in overtones. Tuning sleeves made of parchment paper; other materials upon request.

Wooden pipes (upon request) are made of cedar with cherry front.

(picture shows a Faenza made of cherry wood)

Pitch: a=440Hz or as desired; for more information please email me.

For a quick and easy transposition, e.g. 440 Hz - 466 Hz, you can get a "transposing keyboard" as an option.

The keys (either a piano-type or a button-type keyboard is available) are made of selected fruit-tree wood and maple.

The large bellows is made of white sheepskin, cherry and maple.

Useful Extras:
Types of wood Drone levers Air release from bellows Carrying handles Special requests

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