Wolkenstayn "Cupra"New! Portative Organ "Cupra"

22 Metal pipes: c1 - chromatic - g2, a2, b2/bb2*
(* b2/bb2 tunable)

Pipes made of copper, or tin/lead.

Dimensions: 90 x 36 x 18 cm
Weight: appr. 8,5 kg

This newly developped slim organetto, following early Gothic Period sources and tradition, offers very interesting & new sound possibilities. A wide tone range of nearly two octaves give a
powerful & dynamic sound, made either for smooth and expressive play, and provides fascinating sound effects:

All the above features go hand in hand with minimal weight and high mechanical stability at the same time.

"Cupra", made of nut wood, copper pipes.

The pretentious decorated and engraved frame is made of basic maple, beautiful, robust French nut wood; oiled.
Also available of attractive ‘flamed maple’ or other
types of wood. Wolkenstayn "Cupra"

Wolkenstayn Cupra
The keys are made of selected fruit-tree wood. Metal pipes of true copper or a tin/lead-alloy. Pitch: a=440Hz; 415 or 466Hz or others as desired; for more information please email us.

The large bellows is made of white sheepskin, cherry and maple wood
If desired, with mechanism to quickly release the air from the bellows.

"Cupra" 523 Hz, made of maple wood

Useful Extras:
Carrying handles Drone levers Air release from bellows Types of wood Put-on-Sleeves Special requests

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